VENTS Magazine interview Oct 2013 w/Sean.

So why don't you introduce yourself and can you tell us more about yourself? Hey, I'm Sean Muldoon, lead vocalist, and lyricist for the hard rock group STONE SOUL FOUNDATION. I'm tempted to make a joke, and tell you my astrological sign, and make up a weird hobby that I enjoy such as building energy efficient birdhouses, but I wont. The fact is, I'm a guy who loves creating songs, and performing my guts out on stage.

What's the story behind the band's name? Let me break it down. Simply, STONE refers to our hard rock sound. SOUL represents the subtle funk, and R&B stylings that are infused into our songs. FOUNDATION can be perceived as a building foundation, on which we build our music, or the word can represent the group itself. I was putting combinations of words together one day, and STONE SOUL FOUNDATION jumped out at me; it came from a subconscious level I suppose.

What are your music influences? My personal musical tastes are extremely broad. I couldn't begin to list the hundred or so different music genres I enjoy. I'm not a big fan of most modern mainstream music, though. Today's hip-hop doesn't have the same charisma, and musicality it had in the 80's and 90's. Today's Hard Rock is watered down, and whiny. Most of the Country music is way to corny. All of the great music is underground; it always has been. Of course there are exceptions. As far as my influences that directly influence our band's sound, start with early Metallica, Black Sabbath, add some Cream, and a pinch of James Brown, shake well, and serve! Mmmm good!

Taking Back The Us. Can you tell us more about the track? TAKING BACK THE U.S. was recorded at Pyramid Sound Studio in Ithaca, NY. The track was recorded, and engineered by Mike Parker. Jason "Jocko" Randall at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, N.Y., did additional mixing. They're both great guys to work with; they bring A LOT to the table. We had the song rehearsed, and ready to go, so it didn't take long to lay down.

How was it like the film experience and what's the concept behind the video? We worked with Jesse Conti of Chariot Media Productions out of our hometown, Auburn, NY. We had a modest budget, which we acquired through a successful Kickstarter campaign in April of this year. Jesse's enthusiasm helped to make it a very smooth process. We had a couple of meetings concerning what we wanted to convey in a short amount of screen time. He then composed a treatment based on all of our ideas for TAKING BACK THE U.S., including his own. The video shoot was so much fun! We had friends, family and fans participate in the crowd scene in front of Auburn's City Hall; they were kind enough to let us use for the day. At one point it rained for quite a while, and we had everyone stuffed under these tents waiting it out. Once it stopped, we continued shooting, and not one person had left! They were all dedicated to helping us make this video. We are very grateful!

So there are rumors of a new album, what can you tell us about it? I can tell you that we are very prolific songwriters, and there will be no shortage of material for our next full-length release. There's very little I can say otherwise, because right now we're focusing on promoting the single/video package. Also, we have plenty of dates to play yet before we will have drummed up the revenue for studio time. But, we are definitely pointed in the direction of a new album, and it will be heavy, groovy and have plenty to say.

Any official release date, title in mind? We can't project a specific 2014 release date at this time, but we are anxious to get the album out asap. The iron is hot, and we need to strike! As for the title, we don't title the record until it's done, at least not up to this point. The title may be a song name that encompasses the overall theme of the album or where we are at in a figurative sense, or it might be a title that isn't in the track listing. It will be cool, whatever it is.

Where did you get the inspiration from for the lyrics? The inspiration for the lyrics of TAKING BACK THE U.S., were drawn from the political, and social climate in our country over recent years. Government corruption is as old as recorded civilization, but I think the people's discontent is palpable right now. The corporations are manipulating world governments to the extent that the people feel powerless, and are complacent in the face of these greedy powermongers. Our government, and other world governments, for the most part are just characters in a grand puppet show produced by the nefarious corporate globalist elite. I want to help make people aware of what's happening. I would like people to know that corporations are lulling the people to sleep through media, and distracting us with bogus wars, and conflict. It's important to educate ourselves, and stop eating the slop they've been serving up for years! With that said, lyrical subject matter varies from song to song. I try to keep it positive, and inspiring although I enjoy getting dark here, and there. And, there is some subtle comedy in a few of our songs, too.

Are you guys hitting the road? Yes indeed. We're going on a 10-day "Midwest Meltdown Tour" next week. I can promise you we will not be the ones having the meltdown. We hope to leave a wake of melted faces through Ohio, Chicago, Milwaukee and points in between. We leave probably by the time this interview goes to press. Readers can check out for dates in their city.

Any hilarious moments while hitting the road or playing a gig? There are so many. We run into all sorts of characters on the road. Our guitarist Jeff has this thing where he enjoys making a spectacle of himself in restaurants. Sometimes he'll lift up his shirt, and rub his belly while looking around the place with a disturbing expression on his face, and say in a childlike voice, "I'm full". One time in Texas he wore a cloth napkin on his head like a kerchief, all the while acting nonchalant. This rootin' tootin' roughneck looking guy was staring him down like he wanted to whip his colt revolver out and shoot his ass. It's a good thing we left the place when we did. Mind you, Jeff is a serious no BS guy when the situation calls for it, but he cracks us up. We're all a little out there.

What's next in SSF's world? We just wrapped up yet another video for the title track on our album ELECRIC VALLEY. We won that vid shoot from a suicide prevention fundraiser Battle of the Bands, and will debut soon. We'll also be shooting another video in Chicago. Our song SIDEWALKER (Electric Valley) was selected for the soundtrack of Indie film "SWEET LEAF", directed by Julian Grant; it's a kick ass heavy metal heist gone bad, and our our song fits perfectly! After the tour, and vid shoot, we'll get back home, and start finishing up our new songs, preparing for the recording session. We'll also continue some CNY touring as time allows.

Where can we find more about your music? Our website's a good place, as well as We also have a YouTube channel, Reverb Nation, and Spotify among other sites. You can buy our music on CD Baby, and iTunes. Thanks so much for the interview. Cheers!

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"Love the CD from start to finish...It has a real classic Deep Purple/Black Sabbath feel/sound to it and I really dig the Cd (Electric Valley) and the band as a whole! Has to be one of the best bands I've heard in a long time!"

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