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With face-melting guitar riffs, powerful vocals and effortless rooves, the men of Stone Soul Foundation are poised to join the legends of arena rock. At the end of their tour they sat down to talk about their music and winding up on Hillbilly Handfishin'. Last year you were here for SXSW and had a pretty bad accident, how was it this year?
Sean Muldoon - Lead singer: This year we were able to escape adversity and it was a good time but still hectic. Being there with thousands of musicians was great; we wish we could spend more time there.
On the albums there are layers of funk, rock and metal, how would you describe your music?
Sean: The core of our music is hard rock with metal influences. We grew up listening to metal, but then our musical tastes evolved. We listen to blues, classic soul, R&B, and classic rock. Those genres influence our music on a subtle level.
Doug Paradise - Bass: We're sometimes put in the same categories as Queens of the Stone Age and maybe the Foo Fighters. But I grew up with Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.
On the track "Song About You" who is the person that makes you insane and whose voice makes you want to die?
Sean: I supposed I could dedicate that song to a certain one or two people, then I looked at it and I could have been singing that song about myself. Not that I self-loath, but everybody has those days. It started out more tongue-in-cheek, but as the song grew it
became a little heavier and darker.
"I Master" is a great song all about conquering the world around you. How did you come up with it?
Sean: The idea about that song is that you can be in control of what goes on around you. If you have a positive attitude and take unfortunate incidents in your life and look at them as an opportunity for learning. It's about having control in your world through positivity.
If you could jam with other artists who would they be?
Sean: Oh if Miles Davis was still alive that'd be great. I'd like us to have a horn section or something like that. Maybe Phish or the remaining members of the Grateful Dead.
Shane Stillman - Drums: We all listen to lot of different types of music. We have such a respect for how hard it is to work as musicians, so we'd work with anyone.
After completing this tour for Electric Valley are you all heading back into the studio?
Jeff Wiggins - Guitar: We'll be going home to lick our wounds. Eventually we'll be back in the studio, and we'll be touring up and down the East Coast and maybe in the Midwest.
Recently you starred on Animal Planets' Hillbilly Handfishin', how was that experience?
Shane: Skipper, Trent and everyone at Big Fish Adventures were awesome. We were lucky; we came out of this making some really great friends.

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"The Sabbath vibe of, "Christian" is loaded with riffs that Tony Iommi would be proud of."

Tony Cruz Sison aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine.