A knock-down, drag-out party in a box, NYC's Stone Soul Foundation mix up bar-room boogie with a skronking brass section and flash metal guitars, and as you might imagine, the result is popped tops and DUI's all around. I haven't heard this particular combination of instruments since The Boyzz back in '78, and although there's no revving motorcycles in the mix here, the biker-rally vibe is in full effect on Saturday night howlers like "Walk Tall", "Heavy Hand" and "We Are Reborn". There's also a smattering of funk ("Get Up"), rattlebone blooze ("One Night"), and vintage glam-metal power balladry ("Into the Flames"), and various mutations along the way. Remarkably pretense-free stuff that exists only to get you on your feet. Or on your knees. Whichever comes first.

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"Love the CD from start to finish...It has a real classic Deep Purple/Black Sabbath feel/sound to it and I really dig the Cd (Electric Valley) and the band as a whole! Has to be one of the best bands I've heard in a long time!"

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