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This is bluesy soul R&B/rock and roll in a sort of 1970s approach like GLENN
HUGHES meets MOTHER'S FINEST while in a battle managed by GRAND FUNK
RAILROAD. It's very funky at times and quite original, nothing like the
standard Rock&Roll from nowadays. This is something JEFF SCOTT SOTO would
love to make I guess, really funky rock and roll with bluesy guitarwork (a
la PAT TRAVERS/NEAL SCHON) and a lot of passionate soulful vocals. I even
smell some very early late 70s WHITESNAKE references, while PAUL RODGERS'
BAD COMPANY also comes around a few times. Concluded, a quality CD release
with in total 13 songs.

(Points: 8.2 out of 10)

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"Auburn stoner metal band, Stone Soul Foundation, took the stage and as far as I was concerned, this could have been the start of the touring bands. The quality of performances from this point forward made the cost of admission worth it at twice the price. This dread-lead hard rockin' gang of misfits had great vocals, guitar licks, and the drummer set an energetic pace."

Jim Gilbert, Upstate Metal.