Auburn rockers Stone Soul Foundation know how to lay it on thick.

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Auburn rockers Stone Soul Foundation know how to lay it on thick.

Their 13-song disc, "Into the Flames," churns with heavy metal power. Yet the five guys in Stone Soul Foundation know that there's more to rock. Sean Muldoon on lead vocals, Dan Dennis and Jeff Wiggins on guitar, Doug Paradise on bass and Shane Stillman on drums roll their rock around in funk and sprinkle some tasty soul on top.

The moody, suspenseful title cut brings to mind the psychedelic days of Jim Morrison and the Doors. Muldoon and mates know how to go deep into the psyche, too, as the scary images of "Blood Runs Cold" prove: "Blood and fire reigns like a plague across the land. All the tears in the world can't extinguish the flames. Must we play these silly games? Man's pride, his hatred and his greed strangles like a weed. In the garden of no turning back, blood runs cold and hearts turn black."

Metal rap fans should love "No Stopping" as Muldoon rat-a-tat-tats: "Police behind me. Road block ahead. I might end up rich and I might end up dead."

On the other end of the spectrum, "Now" features a soaring acoustic guitar with a spirited sax by guest Brian Dobbie joining behind the prettier lyrics:

"Close your eyes and take a journey through space. Look upon the universe without a face. We are one with the dust of the earth and the wind within the sky."

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"Love the CD from start to finish...It has a real classic Deep Purple/Black Sabbath feel/sound to it and I really dig the Cd (Electric Valley) and the band as a whole! Has to be one of the best bands I've heard in a long time!"

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