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CD REVIEW: ELECTRIC VALLEY by Stone Soul Foundation
(Stone Soul Foundation Music)

New York based rockers, Stone Soul Foundation is one of those bands that once you hear you them they stop you dead in your tracks. There is something comfortably familiar yet modern about their sound.

As a whole, Stone Soul Foundation encapsulates everything one would love about hard rock music and their current album, 'Electric Valley' solidifies that fact for me. Stone Soul Foundation is Sean Muldoon on vocals, Jeff Wiggins on guitar, Doug Paradise on bass and Shane Stillman on drums. Great, soulful vocals, amazing production and songs full of fat heavy guitar and a groove that will have you bobbing your head, pumping your fist or a bit of both at the same time. "Sidewalker" opens the album with it's sinister swagger as Sean Muldoon unleashes his vocal prowess with an attitude that goes for the throat. The Sabbath vibe of, "Christian" is loaded with riffs that Tony Iommi would be proud of. The groove laden mover, "Ain't Mystery" has an intro that builds before resolving right into the opening chorus loaded with some sweet guitar work courtesy of Jeff Wiggins. Even when the band downshifts with the laid back track like , "Window" and "They Are Me", the band sounds great. These guys play off of each other with almost a telepathic precision. The melodies, the riffs, the change-ups in timing, and instrumentation are all very tight and hopelessly catchy.

Moreover, I'm impressed by how well Stone Soul Foundation have achieved a balance between a classic rock sound and improvisation, all without breaking cohesion in the slightest. Hints of Black Sabbath, Wolfmother, Clutch and Led Zeppelin for example, only serve to make Stone Soul Foundation's musical delivery that much richer. I would be hard pressed to say that there is a weak track on this album. Like with any great album, some songs are better than others but all in all, this is a sonically face melting platter of hard edged rock n' roll. It's an album that evokes all kinds of emotions.

'Electric Valley' is the kind of album should totally appeal to anyone who likes the vibe of gritty, rock n' roll that makes you want to drink beer with your friends, give and receive lots of hugs while totally ready to bust some heads if needed. As long as there will be young dudes throwing drunken parties with their friends while their parents are out of town, Stone Soul Foundation will be there to give them the soundtrack. They just don't know it yet. - Highly Recommended

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"Auburn stoner metal band, Stone Soul Foundation, took the stage and as far as I was concerned, this could have been the start of the touring bands. The quality of performances from this point forward made the cost of admission worth it at twice the price. This dread-lead hard rockin' gang of misfits had great vocals, guitar licks, and the drummer set an energetic pace."

Jim Gilbert, Upstate Metal.