Stone Soul Foundation Q&A with Jeff Wiggins

On Veteran's Day, Metalholic connected with Stone Soul Foundation guitarist, Jeff Wiggins to discuss the band's recent video for the new track, "Taking Back the U.S." as well as where they are on recording their next album, and a look back at their last record, "Electric Valley".

Stone Soul Foundation (SSF) hail from the Syracuse/Auburn, New York area and is into its second decade already. The band has four albums under its belt to date. The hard rocking quartet by vocalist Sean Muldoon, drummer Shane Stillman, and bassist Doug Paradise.

The SSF sound infuses modern metal styles with classic blues based hard rock. On the track, "Sidewalker" (which can be heard below) one can hear elements of Black Sabbath, Metallica, Kiss, and even Suicidal Tendencies mixed with bluesy groove. Recently, "Sidewalker" was selected for the soundtrack of the Indie Film "Sweet Leaf"; a blood-drenched heavy metal heist.

The band also has a sense of humor and a taste for fun. Sean and Shane appeared on an episode of "Hillbilly Hand Fishin'".

More recently, SSF successfully completed a fan-funded Kickstarter project to create a full-blown music video based on the new song, "Taking Back the U.S." which debuted on 9-11. Jeff talked about the making of the video and its meaning as well as sharing his thoughts on some of the problems American's are currently facing.

You can check out the full interview below as well as the video for "Taking Back the U.S."

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"The Sabbath vibe of, "Christian" is loaded with riffs that Tony Iommi would be proud of."

Tony Cruz Sison aka The Atomic Chaser @The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine.